Does Your Sofa Cause Your Back Pain?

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Sitting comfortably…?

It’s amazing how many people aren’t sitting comfortably.

In fact, most people are damaging their backs on a daily basis by failing to support the natural curve of their lower backs, potentially causing serious issues further down the line. That’s why we created the Sittingwell® cushion.

Designed by professional back care specialists, the Sittingwell® cushion lives up to its name and is a prevention as much it is a support for lumbar discomfort. We created the Sittingwell® cushion because our research revealed that the majority of sofas currently on the market in the UK inadequately support your back and the deeper the sofa, the worse it is for backs.

The Sittingwell® cushion makes all the difference. It is designed to seamlessly blend in with your other cushions, it contains a foam support that has been specifically created to match and support the natural curve of the lower back.

Exhaustive anthropomorphic research was undertaken to calculate the precise contour, height and depth needed to support backs of all shapes and sizes. Designed by back pain professionals and manufactured in the UK, the Sittingwell® cushion is a combination of the foam support with padding in front which gives that feeling of sinking into something yet provides the support needed to protect the lower back. And it is just part of a carefully selected range of back pain relief products we’ve tested and approved that will ease and prevent discomfort.

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