Sissel SitFit Plus Air Stability Wobble Cushion – Adult and Teens

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  • This product is the perfect balance between a sitting wedge and a swiss/exercise ball.
  • Strengthen your back whilst you sit.  It’s a bit like Pilates whilst sitting…
  • Comes ready inflated just take it out of the box, sit on it and start experiencing the benefits.
  • Exercise poster & needle pump included.
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The Sissel SitFit Plus inflatable air stability wobble cushion is a really versatile product. It is the perfect combination of a sitting wedge and a swiss ball. This inflatable cushion encourages good posture and can also help to alleviate upper back pain as you are constantly moving. Can it get any better when sitting becomes exercise in itself? Two jobs done in one!

Benefits of the SitFit Plus

There is an air pump (The needle is stored in the handle of the pump see video at the end of this description) so that you can inflate or deflate the SitFit Plus to adjust its level of stability. The more air the less stable it is (it arrives fully inflated), so that you can actively work your back and pelvic floor muscles whilst you sit.

You can also change the position of the SitFit Plus according to your needs. When the inflatable cushion is positioned with the rounded curve at the front then it is less stable, you will be using your muscles more.  This wobble cushion will be more stable when you place it in position with the flatter edge to the front.  This will give more support under your thighs for greater stability.  When you are first using this product or sitting for longer periods of time we recommend starting with the flatter edge at the front of your seat.

If This Is The First Time You Have Sat On An Inflatable Stability Cushion Read This Important Information

Because you are constantly working your muscles whilst you are using your SitFit Plus inflatable cushion you may need to gradually increase the length of time that you use it for. As your muscles get stronger you will able to tolerate longer periods of active sitting. If you have an existing back problem please seek expert advise to make sure that this is the right product for you so that you do not aggravate your current problem.

An exercise poster illustrating additional exercises you can do is included with your Sissel SitFit Plus.

Latex and Phthalate free.

Available in black, blue, or red.

One size for teens and adults, 37 cm. SitFit suitable for children is the 33cm model.

Covered by the Sittingwell 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.


We are serious about top quality and effective back care products we couldn’t resist having a little bit if fun. So we created this video demonstrating the difference between the SitFit Plus and a Swiss Ball…Lorna never did this in rehearsals…

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Sissel SitFit Plus Air Stability Wobble Cushion – Adult and Teens

  1. Angela Cassidy, Maidenhead

    This cushion is much too comfortable for exercise I have been using it for only a few days now but always enjoy the sessions. It definitely helps me loosen up in the morning when my back is tight and so that in itself is a plus. Definitely recommend it if you cannot fit a sitting ball in your room.

  2. Sharon Pugh Reading

    Sitting on my SitFit right now has led me to write a review on this brilliant product. I’ve been using it for some time now and feel that slouching is just not an option whilst at my desk. In fact I m sure my tummy muscles are feeling as much benefit as my better posture. Would totally recommend this product for the office and home. Brilliant!

  3. Lynda Shaw. South Bucks

    I can wiggle I can swivel I can circle my hips… and my lower back loves it. When I sit in front of my computer I lose time and stay still for too long. This means I stiffen up. The Sitfit is fabulous… instant relief.

  4. Jenny Kendall. Bournemouth Dorset

    I am so impressed by the speedy and efficient delivery of the sit fit plus. It was easy to use with clear instructions My posture has already improved and I am able to spend longer working at my desk without the discomfort I suffered previously as i suffer from scoliosis.
    I have wholehearty recommended this product to my staff and anyone who has difficulty sitting for long periods of time.

  5. Kavita Pal. Oxford

    I tried the SitFit plus and was immediatley hooked on it. The relief is instant. My 6 year old son is using it for half and hour at a time and I can already see a difference in the way he sits up. For me the biggest plus is that I can actually work on my core while working at my desk. So a great big thumbs up to the SitFit Plus.

  6. Kate, Richmond

    I bought the sissel sitfit plus for general posture improvement sitting at a desk set up and also for core stability strengthening after watching lorna s video seeing how you can stand on it too for core training.

    Anyway long story short I had massive hip and back pain almost of out nowhere and found I could not sit or stand comfortably in any position except lie on my side. It s really hard to work like that depending on what industry you’re in but I’m at a laptop got the old sissel sitfit plus back on the chair and hey presto it’s the only thing I’ve found to sit on that really takes the pressure off the area because of the air in the cushion I’m finding it’s lessening the sensation of compression and I’ve got it in the more stable position so not moving. thanks girls great tip “

  7. Beverley Arnold. Buckinghamshire

    This cushion is amazing can’t work at my computer without it now. My lower back feels so great constant comfort yet working my core muscles at the same time. My Dad tried it for five minutes and ordered one straight away.

    Can’t recommend it enough.

  8. Sally Wright. Ashbourne

    I am really pleased with my sitfit plus. Having had a slipped disc the sitfit plus has made sitting much more comfortable and bearable. I also like the seated exercises you can do with it.

  9. Nikki Ochtman. Stokenchurch

    On medical advice I changed my office chair a couple of years ago to a cheap basic one with no arms that slides under my desk enabling me to sit closer to my keyboard and screens. This helped my neck and shoulder problems but the seat was really uncomfortable underneath me Also I was still getting very stiff sitting for long periods.
    Since adding a SitFit Plus to my chair I really feel the difference! No more numb bum or stiff hips. I enjoy the sensation of being able to wiggle and rotate and balance all day giving all those core muscles a little workout and not allowing the joints or spine to seize up.

  10. Marianna. Bracknell

    The best sitting cushion you can buy on the market

    I have a chronic lower back pain and due to my work I have to sit all day. This product helped me to be comfortable sit correctly and I can work without back pain! Amazing.

    I use it every day all day! No discomfort no pain!

  11. Penny Campbell, Hambleden

    I recommend this cushion to all my friends who suffer with their back. Not only has it helped my lower back pain but it has made a big difference to my core strength.

  12. Moira (verified owner)

    Excellent product, using it at work to stop me hunching over my desk. Extremely comfortable, very happy with the quality.

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