NeckSaviour – Neck Stretcher For Headache & Stiff Neck Relief


If you suffer with Tension Headaches, Stiff Neck or Neck Pain, the NeckSaviour is a gentle neck stretcher giving traction to the neck, helping relieve symptoms.

  • 4 different options of stretch in one device
  • Lightweight and portable – comes in it’s own drawstring bag
  • Can deliver forces up to 25lbs/11kgs, the lower end of  ‘medical’ traction for the cervical spine
  • Gives gentle therapeutic stretch to the neck and related soft tissues.
  • Can help postural and spinal alignment.
  • Winner of MDEA – Medical Design Excellence Award 2016

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The NeckSaviour is an easy to use neck stretcher, helping relieve headaches, neck pain and stiffness. Using this neck stretcher can also help with spinal alignment correction, postural work and alongside Pilates and Yoga exercises.

The NeckSaviour has been carefully designed by a physiotherapist who wanted to create a simple and portable neck stretcher to help ease the pain from tension in the neck and shoulders.

By simply bending this foam neck stretcher and placing it between your shoulders and the base of your skull, it creates a gentle traction to the neck.  By gently stretching the neck and related soft tissues it helps reduce any muscle tension there, often the cause of neck pain and headaches.

The careful design of this neck stretcher gives 4 different options for use.

It is very lightweight at only 58g/2oz, and 25cm x 23.5cm so very portable. It even comes in it’s own drawstring bag so you can take it with you where ever you go.

How to use the NeckSaviour Neck Stretcher:

  1. Choose either the long or short neck option. Try both to see which suits your best neck best.
  2. Decide if you want the light or strong neck stretch – again try both to see which works best for you
  3. Bend the Necksaviour Neck Stretcher in half according to your choice of stretch with your hands, trunk or legs.
  4. Lie on a comfortable surface and place the Neck Saviour in a ‘U’ shape under your neck. One edge placed against the base of your skull and the other at the top of your shoulders.
  5. Fully relax and allow the neck stretcher to do it’s work. You may need to make micro adjustments at first to ensure it feels comfortable before you release your grip on it.
  6. Increase use of NeckSaviour gradually. Start with 2 minutes, up to 3 times per day and increase each session by 1 minute per day up to a maximum of 15-20 minutes in any one session.
  7. Use the NeckSaviour Neck Stretcher whenever need neck pain/stiffness or headache relief. Also regularly as part of a maintenance programme.

If you would like more information this article takes you through the full instructions on how to use the NeckSaviour safely and Effectively

Precautions when using the NeckSaviour Neck Stretcher:

Using and neck stretcher should give a feeling of stretch or possible minor discomfort at most as the muscles relax. Stop using the Neck Saviour immediately if you experience any pain in the neck, back or limbs. Also if there is any nausea, dizziness, double vision, difficulty swallowing, numbness or pins and needles. If this is the case a health care provider should be consulted.

Contraindications for using the Necksaviour Neck Stretcher:

Traction devices are not suitable for everyone including anyone with extremely severe neck injuries or very recent neck trauma, spinal instability or fracture, severe rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord compression, infections, inflammatory diseases, malignancy, vertebrobasilar insufficiency and any other condition which could be worsened by movement (particularly distraction).

If you have any concerns please seek expert advice before using the Neck Saviour.


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