Birthing Balls

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Birthing balls have a multitude of uses both during pregnancy and beyond. They can help to ease back pain as the angle you sit on helps to reduce pain in addition you can comfortable sit astride a birthing ball which you may find gives you some relief.

You can also do gentle exercise on a birthing ball as birthing balls, Swiss balls and exercise balls are all the same product.

Birthing balls can also be really helpful during labour by helping to reduce the pain from contractions – this is even more benenficial if you have already been using and sitting on birthing balls for a few months before you give birth as you will be more confident and your pelvis floor muscles will be accustomed to using them.  You can use birthing balls by sitting on them, astride them and by kneeling and leaning against them.  All positions you can use to ease pain and tension during pregnancy and delivery.  Potentially even reducing the time of the first stage of labour.

Beyond pregnancy you can use them (once you are fully recovered – check with a health professional if you have has a caesarean) to help strengthen and tone and delivery and restore your pelvic floor tone again.  A very useful product indeed.

Our birthing balls are all anti-burst so they are safe to use but still make sure that you are not using them near any sharp objects or direct heat sources such as radiators, fires/log burners etc.



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