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What Back Support Should I Use?

Back supports can reduce or prevent back pain and neck pain. By supporting the curves in your spine with a back support you reduce the strain on your back.

Back supports can be used on any seating surface as long as there is a solid back to rest against.

Things to consider:

How deep is the seat you are using the back support on?

If your seat is too deep then larger/deeper supports can be beneficial. If the seat depth is adequate for your height then you will only need support for your lower back and therefore a thinner support an example of this is the Dorsaback. Too deep and you will find it uncomfortable.

How deep should my seat be?

When sitting on your chair with your torso against the back of the chair, the end of the seat base itself should not touch the back of your knees. If it does, a deeper support can help to bring you forward whilst maintaining the right support for your back. Such as The Sittingwell® back support cushion or The Harley back support cushion

Do you need support for your seat?

If the seat you are sitting on is too soft then the Full Dorsaback would be the best product for you, as it adds extra support to the whole of your chair at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Are you looking for support in bed?

The The Sittingwell® back support cushion and Harley V-Pillow will both support your whole back and keep you comfortable whilst you are sitting, reading, or watching TV.



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