Tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders is unfortunately all too common these days due to stressful modern lives and time often spend working in awkward positions or at the computer.


Help is at hand though and even better it is something you can do in your own home. I am referring to using Franklin balls to release tension in your back, neck and shoulders. If you haven’t used these before (they can be used in Pilates classes) there is a really useful book to help you:

This book talks you through:

The principles of ball rolling.

To give you a taster we have outlined these in a recent blog about ‘Ball rolling your way to recovery’

How to use imagery to achieve the results you want.

Imagery helps your brain to understand the result that you are trying to achieve such as – release the tension from a muscle. Our brains all work in different ways and finds some ways of visualising more effective than others. This book talks you through the 12 different ways of visualising effectively when using Franklin balls For example imaging your muscle tension melting like an ice-cream, breath into the area that you are working on and imagine your breath blowing away the tension and more…

Exercises Covered

There are really clear photographic images of how to carry out the exercises for different parts of your upper body this is separated into sections to help you release your upper arms, shoulder blades, align your spine, release your neck and jaw in addition to a combination of techniques work on your whole back too. As the position of your pelvis is also an important factor in upper back pain these exercises are included too.

Here is an excerpt of the book so that you can see how clearly everything is laid out:

Franklin Method to release shoulder tension

Franklin Method For Flexible Shoulders, Neck and thorax

The amazing thing about doing these types of exercises is because you are focussing very much on yourself and your body you feel calmer and more relaxed as a direct result of the work you have done. A feeling I hope continues for some time afterwards for you.

So if this book sounds like just what you need to make tension and pain in your upper back a thing of the past visit the Franklin Ball section of the Sittingwell site.

Franklin Ball for self massage