How To Strengthen Your Back – Stop Contracting Your Core!

What so bad about contracting the core? So often when you are looking for solutions of how to strengthen your back, core strengthening comes up.  Over the years there has been a lot of focus on the pelvic floor for ladies and a muscle called transverse abdominus (TVA).  The focus to strengthen this area is often through specific, targeted exercises isolating the core muscles.  It is great to be able to perform these exercises and fabulous when you realise that your strength is improving and you can do exercises that you couldn’t do before.  But are these exercises geared...

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Why We Love The Meridius Spoband

There is a new breed of resistance band on the market called the Meridius Spoband.  At Sittingwell we love it, here’s why. Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of training equipment. They give you a versatile, lightweight and portable training tool. There are multiple exercises you can do using a resistance band, and various way to alter the resistance. You can either shorten the band you use or get a different strength band. However, traditional resistance bands do have some irritations: Over time traditional resistance bands stick to themselves and get tangled up. They have a tendency to snap...

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Using The NeckSaviour Safely and Effectively

Using the NeckSaviour is simple and easy to do, but there are a couple of things to consider to ensure you use the NeckSaviour safely and effectively. I would recommend trying the 4 different set up options to see which suits you the best. Once you have the neck of using the neck stretcher you will love it’s simplicity and portability, especially if you suffer neck neck tension and headaches. General Instructions On Using The NeckSaviour The NeckSaviour isn’t completely square, one side is slightly longer than the other giving a set up choice for a long and a...

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NeckSaviour – A Simple Way To Relieve Headaches and Neck Pain

Headaches, neck pain and shoulder tension can have a big impact on the quality of your life. Unfortunately as a therapist I see this as a common area where people hold their stress and tension. Keeping things at bay can be difficult but thankfully we’ve discovered the NeckSaviour. Developed by a Physiotherapist, the Necksaviour is a really simple device to gently stretch the neck and release muscle tension there. You simply fold it in half and place it under your neck as you lye down and just relax. The video below gives a introduction to the Necksaviour and what...

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How do I use a foam roller?

Not sure how to use a foam roller? This guide takes you through the key principles for using a foam roller safely and effectively. We also give you ideas on different ways to use a foam roller within your exercise routine – it’s not just about self massage!

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