Franklin Method

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The Franklin Method is a very simple form of bodywork integrating postural awareness, self massage using Franklin balls and visualisation. You may not have heard of the Franklin Method before or perhaps you are a complete convert and can’t get enough of them. They are after all amazing little balls.

Franklin balls were initially for use with the Franklin Method which he Franklin Method is the cutting edge among movement professionals, world-class athletes and dancers. Used and acclaimed by The Royal Ballet School London, the Juilliard School of Arts New York, the Music Conservatory of Vienna. As well as practitioners of Pilates, Yoga, fitness and physical therapy – phew!

They can be used to massage and stimulate all areas of the body and can be used as a form of self massage. The orange balls are recommended if you are more sensitive/sore.

If you are new to Franklin balls then check out our recent article about the principles behind Franklin ball rolling.

There are also 3 really informative books about specific ways on how to use Franklin balls the first we have written about describes the areas covered in how to relieve tension in your shoulders, neck and thoracic spine/upper back.



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