Foam Rollers & Self Massage

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Have you tried self massage?

Rollers and self-massage

If you exercise regularly you’ll appreciate the importance of post-exercise recovery. Restoring muscle length and tension after activity helps to reduce the risk of injury. Regular self-massage is a great way to do this.

There is a broad range of tools you can use to work on all body areas. We’ve hand-picked a small range of tools to cater for all your needs.

A Hand Held Self Massage Tool is easy to take around with you. It’s shape and size means you can get into small muscles and focus on specific tight trigger spots.

Foam Rollers come in a variety of densities and sizes. We have soft, medium and hard versions so whether you are new to self-massage or a regular user, there’s an option for you.

To help you choose the right one for you, have a look at our blog – “How to choose the right foam roller”

All of our foam rollers come with a FREE e-booklet.


This download shows you:

– How to use a foam roller safely and effectively

– The 10 best exercises to self-massage the major muscles in the body

– Other uses for a foam roller to integrate it into your workout





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