Sittingwell® Sofa Cushion For Back Pain

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  • Do you struggle to get comfortable, even when relaxing on your sofa?
  • Would you like to improve and strengthen your posture when sitting down?
  • Do you want to find a cushion that will support your back and help to put an end to your back pain?

Then please read on we could just have the solution you have been looking for…

The innovative Sittingwell® sofa back support cushion for back pain supports your spine where you need it the most.

Even when sitting on your sofa, it will correct your posture helping you to avoid unnecessary strain on your back and neck. It prevents the lower back from slouching – one of the key causes of back and neck pain.

This article published in Ideal Home in October 2019 states that a quarter of us experience backache every day, how you sit on the sofa is a likely contributor. If you sitting for too long in a slumped position this adds unnecessary pressure to your back leading to on-going aches and pains.

Our light and portable cushion is designed to provide maximum support for your spine, relieving pressure and improving your posture. It can be slipped into any standard 45cm cushion cover, to seamlessly blend with your décor. Aimed to keep your seated position as comfortable as possible, it provides the right support for you whether you are relaxing on the sofa, in an armchair, a dining chair and even in bed.

The Sittingwell® cushion is designed by trained therapists specialising in back pain. Created to look like a scatter cushion it offers a better alignment in your spine whilst providing superb comfort while sitting.

To find out more about the Sittingwell® sofa cushion for back pain, follow this link to our the Sittingwell® Cushion FAQ’s

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