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We are proud to present the extraordinary, ordinary back support cushion by Sittingwell®.

A Daily Mail article published in July 2015 highlighted that 1 in 5 people found their sofa to be the direct cause to their back pain. With an additional article is June 2016 brought attention to how sofa’s can cause digestive problems as well as pain.

The Sun also published an article in June 2016 titled ‘Is your couch slowly killing you? Scientists reveal slouching on a comfy sofa can cause back pain and digestive problems.’

Before these articles were published, we were already designing and developing the Sittingwell® cushion.  Too often patients visiting our clinic found the sofa to be the cause and the last place they could sit with back pain. We sought to find a solution to help people to sit more comfortably on their existing sofa.

The home is a place to relax and enjoy the environment you live in. Who wants a clinical-looking back support in their home? So we have created one that looks like a scatter cushion, rather than an orthopaedic device. The Sittingwell® cushion provides the perfect balance between effective lower-back support and squishy comfort.  This means you can relax on your sofa without back or neck pain.

Bad posture slouching on a sofa

Typical curvature to spine using regular cushion.

Good Posture with Sittingwell back support cushion

Correct posture when using the Sittingwell® Cushion.

The Sittingwell® cushion supports your spine where you need it most. It can be slipped into any standard 45cm cushion cover to seamlessly blend with your décor. As well as on the sofa, the Sittingwell® cushion can be used to provide back support on armchairs, dining chairs and in bed.

If you want to learn a little more about The Sittingwell® back support cushion, follow this link to our blog Sittingell® Cushion FAQ’s

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