How To USe Your Whole BrainHave you ever been told that we only use 10% of our brains?

Would you like to know how you can use 100% of your whole brain?

You can and you don’t need to be super intelligent or gifted to do so. We all can and it is far simpler than you realise right now. By the end of this article you will be amazed by how simple it is. As an additional bonus, you will feel calmer and less stressed at the same time.

Firstly lets cover where this has all come from. Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in his recent video:

It has always been thought that neurones, which make up 10% of our brains, were the only functional cells and the remaining 90%, known as Glial cells, were just support tissue acting as the glue holding everything together. This has been found to not be the case. Glial cells are actually quite important and their roles include connecting neurones together and even controlling neuron activity. This means we have the capacity to use our whole brain.

So why don’t we use our whole brain?

Basically because we are creatures of habit on all levels:

  • Our daily/weekly routine.
  • The way the we do things e.g how you brush your hair, drive your car etc.
  • The repetitive thoughts and feelings we have.

When you take a step back and really observe these things you will notice how repetitive each day is and how you repeat the same cycles day in day out. This behaviour causes our brains to put more activity, focus and physically grow larger in the directions of the parts that co-ordinate these tasks. Essentially we wear a track in our brains of our most common actions and behaviours.

So you can start to use more of your brain by changing how and what you do. Do new things or do your daily tasks slightly differently, and importantly observe your thoughts.

How Can I Use My Whole Brain?

This is the magic bit. It’s really easy. Since you were 7 years old your brain changed the way that it works. It began switching from one hemisphere to the other so you are using one side and then the other independently. You can activate your whole brain by using your arms and legs in certain movement patterns. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa. So when you move your right arm across the midline of your body to the left, at that point you are then activating your left and right hemisphere simultaneously. This has ben formalised in Brain Gym which is well known within schools and helping children to learn. It doesn’t matter how old you are Brain Gym movements work in just the same way. This video shows you an excerpt of the types of exercises that activate your whole brain:

Using your whole brain can help you to:

  • Make better decisions.
  • Focus.
  • Learn more quickly.
  • Feeling calmer.

You don’t just have to go through Brain Gym exercises to activate your whole brain. If you find you are feeling stressed or anxious simply cross your ankles (not your whole leg) and then cross your arms and hands over your chest. Hold this position for 3-4 minutes, as Dr. Bruce Lipiton demonstrates in his video you will find that you feel calmer and be able to make better decisions.

So start this new habit today and feel better, calmer and make better decisions for yourself and your life.