How To Stop Back Pain with the sittingwell cushionThink about how many hours you spend sat on a sofa.

Obviously, this will vary from person to person and depend on age, activity levels and so forth, but chances are you’ll spend quite a few hours each week.

But what if your sofa is also your enemy?

In 2015, the Daily Mail published a report that suggested one in five people discovered their sofa to be the direct cause of their back discomfort.

Not convinced? In 2016, The Sun went one further with an article entitled ‘Is your couch slowly killing you?’ Dramatic stuff, maybe, but let’s delve a little deeper.

The Sun’s article was aimed to shock, but it was backed by scientific research that revealed slouching on a far-too comfy sofa can not only result in back problems but also affect your digestive system.

Fortunately, here at Sittingwell we were already ahead of the game and had begun designing and developing a solution to the problem.

Inspired to help our patients – most of whom declared a comfy sofa was the last place they’d choose to sit when they were in pain with their back – we researched and created the Sittingwell® cushion to help people turn a painful situation into a more comfortable experience.

When you are at home, you want to be relaxed.

The last thing you want is some sort of clinical-looking device aimed at helping your back – in fact, what could be less appealing?

Our aim was to create a product that would blend in seamlessly with existing soft furnishings and, for all intents and purposes, literally become part of the furniture.

The Sittingwell lumbar back supportCushion for back pain at homeAnd we achieved our aim. The Sittingwell® cushion looks just like any other scatter cushion. The Sittingwell® cushion comes with the option of feather or polyester padding over the foam back support and must be covered by existing 45cm x 45cm cushion covers.

Of course, the secret lies within with the Sittingwell® cushion providing the perfect balance between effective lower-back support and pliable comfort that means you can relax on your sofa with reduced neck or back pain.

lumbar back Support For Sofa and how it supports the spine

Providing support where your spine needs it the most, our cushion blends in perfectly and can be used on armchairs, dining chairs or in bed.

The greatest designs are the simplest and while we’ve not recreated the wheel, we feel the Sittingwell® cushion sits comfortably with the best back support products on the market – pardon the pun.

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