Standard Sittingwell® Polyester Back Support Cushion For Armchairs and Sofas

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  • Back support for your sofa.
  • Fits inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*)
  • Choose from feather or polyester padding.
  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Patent number GB2539792B.


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We have designed the Sittingwell® back support cushion for armchairs with your home in mind. The combination of a back support integrated within a standard size cushion means you get the best support for your back.  No one will know you are using a back support.

The patented Sittingwell® cushion fits inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*).  You can choose from polyester foam or duck feather filling.

We are often asked which is better between feather and polyester (unless you have an allergy) over time the polyester fibre padding will compress and become more difficult to restore back to its original shape. The feather padded cushion will last significantly longer plump it up at the sides and it will be as good as new. It can be used on the sofa, armchair, deep office or dining room chair (as long as the back of the chair meets the sit i.e. there isn’t a gap at the bottom).

You can even use it in bed to sit against whilst having your morning tea or reading at night.

All cushions are hand made in the UK. It comes in an ethically sourced reusable canvass bag. Handy if you want to take it away with you, or you just need a spare bag for shopping!

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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Standard Sittingwell® Polyester Back Support Cushion For Armchairs and Sofas

  1. S Derbyshire, Beaconsfield

    This cushion really gave my back the support it needs with the added bonus of being able to put it in a case that matches the rest of my furniture so it doesn’t stand out like a medical product in my home.

  2. Mrs Clearwater, Marlow

    As soon as I tried one of these cushions I wanted one. Just the right support for the lower and middle back and as the cushion fitted into a standard cushion cover it didn’t look orthopaedic.

  3. P McGunigle, Wilts.

    I have had the cushion now for a week and it has improved my sitting position already as I now sit more upright and enjoy the support that it provides. Having had on going back pain for some time it is wonderful to find something that actually helps. The cushion arrived quickly having had excellent communication with Sittingwell throughout. It arrived in a lovely bag which can be used for shopping at the local stores together with a delightful thank you card from the company. These little touches demonstrate their obvious care for the customer.

  4. Christy Barry, London

    It helps somewhat but I m still getting backache. Is it because you need to use it on a firmer seat?

  5. Mrs Woods, Wiltshire.

    I have been using my cushion since September it has helped my lower back pain so nice to feel supported and pain free and to know I am sitting correctly. The cushion came in a plain cover so I was able to purchase a cover to match my other cushions. I would really recommend giving it a try.

  6. Nicky Stapleton, Reading.

    I sit with my cushion every evening at home absolutely delighted and having broken my ankle and requiring support in my posture it has been a god send. Highly recommend.

  7. A Whistler

    I ve been using the back support since the Autumn on my lovely but not very back and neck friendly sofa. It really helps my posture and helps to stop back and neck pain. Because it s so important for my back it’s also the only cushion on my sofa that the children don’t throw on the floor

  8. Hardip Pabla,Taplow

    I bought 2 of these cushions one for my mum and one for my home. They are fabulous products great support right size to fit in with the rest of the decor. Highly recommended by my family.

    So Mum has a very poor back and it helps her for when she is sat on a sofa that is not firm enough to support her. Shes very happy with it.

    We have used our one for better support for example sitting in bed on on the floor when we are with our little boy or at the office chair. Its fab quality.The support is firm and and very comfortable. it travels round the house.

  9. Debbie, Reading

    I have purchased 9 of these cushions and they were given as Christmas presents to the family. All family members have responded with how great they are so supportive as well as looking good with other soft furnishings. I especially like how upright and aligned I feel with the cushion and it is not only fab for support whilst sitting on the settee but also when reading in bed no more slouching

    Thank you Sittingwell for designing a product that works and does what it says brilliant!

  10. Janice Gray (verified owner)

    I kept getting backache from slouching on the sofa. This cushion gives me the support I need and I can still sit in comfort rather than on an upright chair. It’s expensive, but money well spent.

  11. Bryony Wills

    Didn’t work for me at all. This cushion has far too much padding at the top which completely negates any effect of the lumbar support foam. It has the effect of pushing my shoulders forwards, causing me to slouch with a C shaped spine (yes, I have been using it the correct way up). I have been trying to use it on the sofa for several months and think it has actually made my back pain worse. I get far better support with a small regular cushion shoved behind my lumbar spine. This cushion is also very overpriced.

    • sittingwell (verified owner)

      Sorry to hear the Sittingwell Cushion wasn’t right for you. Thank you for your feedback, it’s hard to get something that works for everyone an we shall keep any eye on the distribution of the padding. All the cushions are had made so there can be slight variation. I hope you find the solution that works for you and gets some relief from you back pain.

  12. Hazel (verified owner)

    My daughter let me try her cushion first and I was so impressed with the excellent support it gives my back, I ordered my own and I have told everyone about it! My husband has recently hurt his back with gardening so I have ordered another one for him too! I am also very impressed by the exercise advice for myself as well as that which you should do before gardening – a very impressive site and product altogether, I can’t thank you enough!

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