Standard Sitting Wedge Seat Cushion – Firm


  • The firmest sitting wedge in our range.
  • Helps to raise the hips providing a better sitting angle.
  • We have a small quantity of Ex-demonstration black wedges available at a reduced rate. The wedge is like new but the packaging is either opened or missing. Select ExDemo for this option
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This sitting wedge seat cushion helps you to sit correctly and reduce pressure and strain on your spine. The firmest for our slimline wedges.  It is hard wearing and durable.

Made from a stable core, cut from one piece 100% recycled chipfoam.

Suitable for all chairs.  This wedge can be also used in a car if you have at least 30cm between the side bolsters.

Size: 35 cm x 35 cm x 6.5 cm (height at the back) giving 10 degree angle.

Cover: 20% cotton 80% polyester.

Sitting wedges help you to sit better by raising your hips to slightly above your knees.  This naturally helps to create the inwards curve to your lower back and reduce strain on your spine.  As you sit more upright you will also reduce excess strain on your upper back too.

When you sit in a more upright way you will be using your stomach/core muscles more this could mean that you feel achy when using a sitting wedge cushion at first.  If this is the case persevere as this is just what you back needs to strengthen and reduce back pain over time.  Just gradually increase the amount of time you sit on your wedge for.  Just like any exercise your body will adapt and you will begin to easily sit on a wedge and experience its benefits.

As you will be sitting slightly higher on a wedge make sure that your chair or seat height is still correct so that you have both feet placed firmly on the ground.  In addition check your set up if you are working at a a desk or computer to make sure that you are still at the recommended height in relation to your computer screen and keyboard.

Covered by the Sittingwell 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

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