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  • Fits inside cabin baggage sized suitcase.

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This travel pillow is a smaller version of the Royal Rest Pillow in Sensus Memory Foam.

100% Cotton cover.


41.5 cm x 33 cm

Low side 9.5 cm

High side 11.5 cm

If you ever find hotel pillows uncomfortable this travel pillow is perfect to take away with you whether you are away for the evening, away on holiday or business trips.  Never again will you have to worry about whether the pillows will be too hard/soft or to high and low that they may cause you a restless nights sleep or cause you to wake up with neck pain, back pain or even headaches.

It is perfect as a travel pillow as it will fit in a suitcase for carry on luggage and comes in a handy soft-finish carrying bag. Because the memory foam is soft the pillow compresses so that it only takes up a very small area leaving plenty of space for everything you need to pack.  When you take it out when you have reached your destination it will just pop out and return to its natural shape.

The Royal rest travel pillow comes with a pillowcase shaped to fit the pillow.  This can be removed and machine washed as needed.

Pillows that are contoured such as this one support your neck whilst you are sleeping on your side as well as on your back. As this travel version is the smaller version of the standard Royal Rest Pillow there are a few factors to take into account.  The high side of this travel pillow is the equivalent of the low side of the standard Royal Rest pillow.  If you usually use or need the pillow to be higher simply folded a towel up and placing it underneath with solve this for you.  A full explanation can be found in the video below where we discuss this.

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