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Can’t get the angles you need for all the exercises you want out of your resistance bands and tubes? This resistance band door anchor is really simple to use. It can be added to both exercise bands and resistance tubes so you can safely attach them to a door frame.

Benefits Of The Resistance Band Door Anchor:

  • Quick to attach to your exercise band making it easy to move between exercises
  • Hook over the top of a door for a secure overhead pull position
  • You can shut it to the side of the door making a strong attachment for horizontal movements
  • Increases the range of exercises you can do
  • Made from strong woven material so it won’t snap under the strain of any exercise

To attach the resistance band door anchor you pull the band/tube through the loop. The door anchor can then be placed over the top of a door, or held at the side. Close the door to secure it in place and you are ready to use the resistance band. You can also position it under a door allowing you to work tough pulling up related exercises. It’s very easy to adjust and has an anti pull-through stop to hold it in place.

Size – 3cm wide x 15cm long, making it small and lightweight to store or carry around with you.

It can be used with our range of resistance bands and exercise tubes and is a great addition to you home workout kit.

As with all our products, the door anchor comes with the Sittingwell 30day money back guarantee.


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Additional information

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Door anchor

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