Coccydynia Cushion by Putnams (Soft)

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  • Soft foam
  • Reduces pressure on the coccyx
  • Option of 8 degree or 11 degree wedge.
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The Putnams Coccydynia cushion has the coccyx area cut out into a recess.  This means that when you sit down there should be no pressure on your coccyx area making sitting down a lot more comfortable.

The main thins to consider with the Putnams wedge cushion is that the foam is the softest in our range.  That may sound great from a pressure relief perspective but it could mean that it is too soft.

We find that for some people it compresses too much when they sit on it that you don’t benefit so much from the forwards sloping angle of a wedge.  The coccyx area will still be free though.  The main reason for using a sitting wedge is to bring your hips higher than your thighs.  When you do this you sit in a better position more easily, this will help to relieve any unnecessary pressure around your pelvis.

The Putnams wedge comes with the option of an 8 degree wedge which is:

36cm x 36cm x 8cm (14″ x 14″ x 3″)

or an 11 degree wedge

36cm x 36cm x 9.5cm (14″ x 14″ x 4″)

As the 11 degree wedge is higher you can get away with the softness of the foam more.  However if you have never sat on a sitting wedge like this before you may need to gradually increase the amount of time you sit on this type of wedge for.  This is because you will be sitting at a steeper angle and using your back and stomach muscles more.  Think of it as exercising whilst you sit.

This wedge comes with carrying handle makes it easy to carry around so that you can move it easily to where ever you need it the most.

They are covered with an attractive velour zipped cover available in black, blue, grey or beige.

Comes with a two year guarantee.

Covered by the Sittingwell 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
8 or 11 Degree

8 Degree, 11 Degree


Black, Blue, Grey, Beige



Reviews (1)

1 review for Coccydynia Cushion by Putnams (Soft)

  1. Bev

    Just the job. The cut out took away the pain of pressure on the base of my spine while the slope enabled me to tolerate sitting on a car seat again. Only criticism is the discomfort from the seams each side of the cut out. I am quite small and these sit right under the bony but of my bottom and become uncomfortable after a while. Not as uncomfortable as sitting without it though. I would welcome some options on the width of the cut out channel and guidance on how to judge what would be right for my frame.

    • sittingwell

      Hi Bev, Thank you for your feedback which is really useful and helps to guide us in finding the right product for as many different shapes and sizes a possible. We do have a link with a manufacturer for bespoke/made to measure wedges. I will contact them and see if they are able to make coccyx cut out wedges to order. They may well be able to guide how to best judge the right dimensions – I shall ask them at the same time. I will let you know either when I have an answer.

      • sittingwell

        Having spoken with our manufacturer unfortunately the size of the coccyx cut out area is pre-set so we can’t offer this as a bespoke/made to measure option I’m afraid.

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