Deluxe Sittingwell® Feather Back Support Cushion For Your Sofa

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  • Back support cushion for your sofa.
  • Fits inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*)
  • Choose from feather or polyester padding.
  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Comes in a sturdy re-usable canvass bag.


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The Sittingwell® back support cushion for sofa’s and armchairs has been designed with your home in mind.

This back support cushion is the combination of a lower back support integrated within a standard size cushion.  You will get the best support for your spine without anyone knowing you are using a back support.

The Sittingwell® back support cushion fits inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*).   Just make sure that your cushion cover has a long zip to it to allow space to place the  Sittingwell® cushion inside.  Most cushion covers are fine just some of them have extremely short zips.

Choose from polyester foam or duck feather filling.

We are often asked which is better… (unless you have an allergy) Over time the polyester fibre padding will compress and become more difficult to restore back to its original shape. The feather padded cushion will last significantly longer, plump it up at the sides and it will be as good as new.

The Sittingwell® back support cushion is for sofa’s, armchair’s, deep office or dining room chairs.  It is designed for any chair that is too deep and unsupportive for your back. You can even use it in bed to sit against whilst having your morning tea or reading at night. All you need is a solid back (no gap before the seat) to prop the Sittingwell® back support cushion and you will be fine.

The Sittingwell®back support cushion is hand made in the UK. It comes in an ethically sourced reusable sturdy canvass bag.  Handy if you want to take it away with you, or you just need a spare bag for shopping!

**Live outside of the UK? Please contact us so that we can quote for delivery of the Sittingwell® back support cushion for sofa’s to you**

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1 x Duck Feather Filling, 2 x Feather Cushion, 4 x Feather Cushion

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