Active Stand Combi Standing Board

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  • Feel instant relief as you stand.
  • Stand in a better posture naturally.
  • Increase your metabolism through movement.
  • Durable with a non-slip base.
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The Active Stand standing board allows you to stand more comfortably instantly.  It has a gentle curve to it so that you can move and rock as you stand.

The Combi version of this product has three layers.  The top layer is soft you can immediately feel the relief as you stand on it with or without shoes.  The middle layer is gently curved the functioning section of the standing board and the base layer has a non-slip surface.

Height adjustable desks allow you to choose whether you sit or stand as you work.  The variety of both postures during the day introduces movement which is what our bodies are designed for.  The problem is that although there are many health benefits to standing if you are staying static for many hours you can create new problems.  Tired and sore feet, locking your legs out which creates tension up your body and staying in one position can cause tension to build in your back. All of which leave you wanting to sit back down again.

This is where the Active Stand comes into its own.  The foam layers noticeably relieve tension – standing feels so much more comfortable.  As you stand on it you can gently rock from side to side introducing movement as you stand.

There are many benefits to standing on an Active Stand standing board over an above just standing on the floor.

  1. The Active stand helps you to stand naturally in a better posture.  When you do this you are helping to strengthen your back and core muscles in the right way.
  2. As you stand in a better posture you will prevent tension building in your legs, back, neck and shoulders.
  3. As you gently move on your Active Stand you will stimulate more blood circulation this is so important on so many levels for health as you clear away toxins and bring oxygen and nourishment to your cells.
  4. Some skeletal muscles actually assist your heart to circulate blood e.g. your calf muscles.  As these will be more active they help to pump blood back to your heart (known as the skeletal muscle pump) It is important that these muscles are active.
  5. Movement is good for brain function as well as heart health.
  6. More movement can help digestion.
  7. As you are moving more you help to increase your metabolism so you will burn more calories.
  8. Your feet will feel instant relief from not having to stand on a hard surface so you will be able to stand for even longer and benefit even more from all of the benefits listed above 🙂

I hope by now you can fully see how valuable the Active Stand could be to your working day. We also believe that it is invaluable for anyone who exhibits at exhibitions and suffer with all the aches and pains that come from a day of standing.

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1 review for Active Stand Combi Standing Board

  1. Judith Tinker

    I couldn’t be happier with my active stand, it helps to centre my posture when standing at my desk and instantly stopped the pain I have from an anular tear in my spine. It also eases my tired legs and feet in the afternoon. I wouldn’t be without it now, a brilliant addition to my sit stand work station

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