4 x Sittingwell Sofa Support Cushions


  • Bulk discount.
  • Lumbar support cushions for your sofa/armchair/couch.
  • Fits inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*)
  • Choose from feather or polyester padding.
  • Handmade in the UK.
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Why not have the full compliment of Sittingwell® sofa support cushions? It would still be far cheaper than replacing your existing sofa, and save you all that shopping time too.  Then no matter who sits where your backs will all be supported on the sofa and avoid any disagreements.  Many times we have heard feedback from customers stating that it really annoys them when someone else sits against their cushion.  Guests and family members find the Sittingwell® sofa support so comfortable that they can’t help but sit against it.

The Sittingwell® back support cushion is designed to fit inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover (*Cover Not Included*). The main thing is to check that the zip for your cushion cover is long.  Some zips are less than half of the cushion cover length.  Each Sittingwell® cushion comes with full instructions on how to place it inside.  Once your cushion is inside the cover just make sure it always positioned zip side down and it will be right way up to support your spine.

The Sittingwell® sofa support cushion can be used on the sofa, armchair, deep office or dinning room chair (as long as the back of the chair meets the sit i.e. there isn’t a gap at the bottom). You can even use it in bed to sit against whilst having your morning tea or reading at night.

Choose from four polyester foam or duck feather filling cushions. We are often asked which is better. Unless you have an allergy over time the polyester fibre padding will compress and become more difficult to restore back to its original shape. The feather padded cushion will last significantly longer plump it up at the sides and it will be as good as new.

These cushions are hand made in the UK and comes in an ethically sourced reusable canvass bag. Handy if you want to take it away with you, or you just need a spare bag for shopping!

Patent number GB2539792B.

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Additional information

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4 x Feather Sittingwell Cushions, 4 x Polyester Sittingwell Cushions


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