2 x Royal Rest Pillows


  • Buy 2 and save money.
  • Standard Foam = 51 cm x 39 cm Low side 12.5 cm High side 15.5 cm.
  • Memory Foam = 51 cm x 34 cm Low side 11 cm High side 13 cm.
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We can vouch for the Royal Rest foam pillows because we use them ourselves. There is a lower and a higher side so that it can be turned around to be the right height for you to prevent you getting back pain when you are sleeping. It will keep your neck and back supported all night long.

Special offer for buying two why not make sure that you both sleep in comfort and awake refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead.

The foam pillows come in a Royal Rest Pillowcase shaped to fit the pillow 100% Cotton.

Pillow Dimension:

Standard Foam = 51 cm x 39 cm Low side 12.5 cm High side 15.5 cm.

Memory Foam = 51 cm x 34 cm Low side 11 cm High side 13 cm.

The images show how the different pillows will arrive.  The Royal Rest Standard sized pillow comes with a thinner cotton case and the memory foam pillow a thinner embossed cover.

The Royal Rest pillow is one of our most popular. With a lower and a higher side they can be easily adapted to the right depth for you. Keeping your neck supported all night long.

Royal Rest pillows have been designed to meet the two most important requirements of an orthopaedic pillow comfort and support! The Royal Rest Pillow has two firm cores to keep your head and neck in the correct position while you sleep.

  • Unique Combination of Soft Base Material and Firm Support Cores
  • One Low Side and One High Side for Different Anatomical Needs
  • CFC Free & Allergy Tested.

We supply the Royal Rest Pillows as we personally use them, and can vouch for their superior comfort and support. In addition the Royal Rest Pillow was proven superior to all other orthopaedic pillows tested in an independent scientific study published by the US Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. Pain and discomfort can be relieved by gently supporting tense muscles helping you to sleep soundly and awake refreshed.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

2 x Standard Foam Pillow, 2 x Memory Foam Pillow

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