Strength and Core Training

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We aim to provide strength and core training equipment that is versatile and portable. Keeping the body strong and particularly developing and maintaining core/trunk strength is key to ensuring you have a healthy back.

General strength and core training doesn’t have to mean a regular trip to the gym. There are some great pieces of core training equipment that you can use at home to take away with you.

The Sittingwell Range of Strength and Core Training Equipment:

Resistance bands are extremely versatile you can use them in a multitude of different ways during your strength and core training routine such as:

– Strengthen individual or groups of muscles.
– Correct postural imbalances.
– Sport specific training.
– Train the correct muscle groups to work together.

Our smaller packs of Fitbands (7.5cm x 2m long) come with a clip so that you can use your resistance band over a door. For all other packs the small investment of a door anchor will do this job perfectly well too.

Spobands Resistance Bands

The next generation of resistance bands. Spoband Resistance Bands are latex-free, made from woven elastic making them very durable and snap resistant.

The loops along its length make attaching to hooks or posts quick and easy. It also makes it easy to slip over your hand, wrist or ankle when changing exercise. Using a different loop changes the resistance you work against.

Weighted Training Aids

The Medicine balls and Sissel Toning balls give a versatile way to strengthen. Adding weight to a limb with a Toning Ball to increase load. Or work dynamic strength by lifting, throwing or catching medicine balls.

Swiss Exercise Balls

Train your core, increase the balance demand to training and keep the variety to your exercise with our range of Exercise Balls. You can even use them as an alternative office chair!

Hand Strengthening

We have a selection of products to help improve hand a grip strength. Whether it’s part of injury recovery or general improvement to grip strength and dexterity, there is a resistance for all with our Press Balls/Eggs.

Proprioception Exercise Training

Improve proprioception and reaction time with the Ego ball – you never know where it will bounce next! The Sports Swing creates instability to even the simplest of exercises to really challenge the whole body.



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