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Headaches, neck pain and shoulder tension can have a big impact on the quality of your life. Unfortunately as a therapist I see this as a common area where people hold their stress and tension. Keeping things at bay can be difficult but thankfully we’ve discovered the NeckSaviour neck stretcher.

Developed by a Physiotherapist, the Necksaviour is a really simple device to gently stretch the neck and release muscle tension there. You simply fold it in half and place it under your neck as you lye down and just relax. The video below gives a introduction to the Necksaviour and what it can be used for:

Introducing the NeckSaviour neck stretcher:

Depending on which way you fold the NeckSaviour it can give between 8 – 25lbs of traction, the lower end of what is called ‘medical traction’. Traction to the neck is a common treatment used by therapists to help relieve symptoms of neck pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, tension headaches and more. The soft traction helps to open up the inter-vertebral joints of the neck, those ones between the bones that make up your spine, reduce pressure and increase blood flow to the area.

It can also work well alongside Pilates, Yoga or Postural work. Instructors use the NeckSaviour neck stretcher to:

  • Enhance client awareness of their head and upper trunk control during stabilisation exercises
  • Add a neck stretch to other stretches and flexibility exercises
  • Include a neck stretch during relaxation and breathing exercises.

The design of the Necksaviour gives you 4 options to work with:

Necksaviour light and strong stretch options

Firstly the strength of the stretch. Having the white side facing up and ultimately on the inside once folded gives a more gentle stretch.

Turing it over with the black side facing up and, once folded, on the inside creates a stronger stretch.

There is also an option for a long neck or a short neck as it is not fully square. If the smiley face with the long neck is upright, that’s the long neck option. Simply turn it round so the smily face with the short neck is upright to choose the short neck option.

Neck Stretcher Length options for NeckSaviour

How to use the NeckSaviour neck stretcher:

The video below takes you through the setup process for using the Necksaviour.

For full instructions plus precautions and contraindications read our blog on Using the Necksaviour safely and effective.

Start getting in control of your headaches and neck pain by ordering yours today.



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