Pain Relief & Injury Recovery

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Pain relief and injury recovery

Finding ways to speed up injury recovery is important, especially if you are normally very active and itching to get back to your exercise.

The Sittingwell range of pain relief and injury recovery tool will help you get back to full fitness and prevent future injury.

Hot and cold pack for injury recovery

A cold pack will help reduce inflammation and swelling. Using these quickly after injury minimises swelling and the pain that causes. The cold compression therapy kit works to calm the injury down and improve circulation to the area.

Heat packs can be really soothing for tightness, aches and pains. Warming the area helps to keep the muscles relaxed and bring blood flow to the area. We have a blog to help you decided if you need a dry or wet heat for your particular issue.

Specialist Injury Recovery Devices

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, our specialist devices may be of help. The NeckSaviour is a simple way to stretch the neck and relieve headaches and neck pain. A Serola belt stabilises the pelvis to reduce pelvic pain, especially during pregnancy. Finally, the inversion table gives you gentle full spinal traction to improve posture and back tension.

Tapes and creams

FisioCrem is a natural anti-inflammatory cream. From personal experience, it works wonders on bruises. Plenty of patients comment on how they find the active ingredients in FisioCrem soothing during injury recovery.

You may have seen RockTape on our Olympics and Elite athletes, but you can benefit, too. Kinesiology taping can be used in injury recovery, muscle balance and movement re-education and injury prevention.



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