Inflatable Cushions

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Back and neck pain can be the result of your core muscles being weak. This is why inflatable cushions are such an amazing back pain product. They cause you to sit actively. As they are filled with air you move whilst you sit which causes movement and constant re-balancing meaning your core muscles are working all the time. What a fantastic way of helping to strengthen your back whilst you get on with the rest of your day.

*Quick Fact – Your stomach muscles are actually connected to your arms!* So a weak core can affect so much more than you realise.

You may be sitting a lot at work and home, but that does not mean that your muscles can’t be working and gently strengthening your spine at the same time to help reduce and prevent neck and back pain.

This is why we personally love this product as you are exercising whilst you sit.

So often people instantly think of supporting the back but inflatable cushions like the SitFit Plus are like the cross between a sitting wedge and an exercise ball so you get the best of both whilst you are sitting – we still advise getting up and moving as much as you can.  Your body loves movement.



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