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Exercise Balls can be used in many ways to strengthen your core and your back muscles. They can be used when exercising, when relaxing and they’re also good during pregnancy, making them a great multi-purpose option for back pain relief.

They work by encouraging active sitting, which naturally strengthens the core and reduces back pain. To ensure your gym ball is as stable as a chair, you could also purchase a Swiss Ball Stabiliser.

What size gym ball should I buy?

When using a gym ball, your hips should be slightly higher than your knees so the right ball size will be related to your height.

As a guide, size ranges available are:

4ft8 – 5ft5 (140-165cm) – 55cm ball
5ft6 – 6ft (165-185cm) – 65cm ball
Over 6ft (over 185cm) – 75cm ball



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