Strength and Agility Training

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Resistance bands are extremely versatile you can use them in a multitude of different ways during your training routine such as:

– Strengthen individual or groups of muscles.
– Correct postural imbalances.
– Sport specific training.
– Train the correct muscle groups to work together.

Resistance bands come in different strengths according to your needs, and the muscle you are working. They are capable of stretching up to 3 times their original length (please avoid stretching further as they may snap and cause injury) The longer you stretch the band the more difficult/resistant it becomes and so the closer you get to the weight equivalents shown in the list below:

– Light – yellow (resistance equivalent to 1.7kg)
– Medium – red (resistance equivalent to 3kg)
– Strong – green (resistance equivalent to 3.6kg)
– Extra strong – blue (resistance equivalent to 4.6kg)

Our smaller packs of Fitbands (7.5cm x 2m long) come with a clip so that you can use your resistance band over a door. For all other packs the small investment of a door anchor will do this job perfectly well too.

Not sure which exercise ball you should buy?

It is important to make sure that you buy the right exercise ball for your height. Particularly if the ball is too low it could do the opposite job that you bought it for and cause you to round your lower back which could contribute to back and neck pain! Not good at all.

When you are sitting or exercising it is important to make sure that your hips are positioned level or preferably slightly higher than your knees (similar to when you are sitting on a chair) Because of this the exercise ball you need will be correct for your height. The ranges below are a guide for you to help you to get the right exercise ball first time round:

4FT 8IN TO 5FT 5IN (140-165CM) – 55CM BALL

5FT 6IN TO 6FT (165-185CM) – 65CM BALL

OVER 6FT (185CM+) – 75CM BALL



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