Balance Training

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No matter how old you are or what level of fitness you have, there is always a benefit to balance training. We have a range of products that can be used individually or together so that you can get the best results. There are many benefits to balance training which include:

– Improved proprioception (the communication between your muscles and brain)
– Isolating individual muscles helps with stability and stops others taking over to compensate. This reduces the chances in getting an injury.
– Your body has to work harder so you burn more calories.
– Improves coordination and posture through.
– Rehabilitation from an injury and prevents re-injury.

Balance Training Wobble Boards

The adjustable wooden wobble board allows you to gradually increase the exercise demands by altering the instability of the board.

Air filled domes and Balance Pads give variety to you training. Changing for stable to unstable surfaces tests your muscle and improves their coordination with eachother. The SitFit 36 can be stood on, knelt on or used for weight bearing upper-body work.

Swiss Exercise Balls

A fantastic versatile piece of balance training equipment. Exercise balls provide the ultimate wobbly surface to work with. Integrate with Pilates exercise or add a new challenge to your normal training routine.

Spiky Domes

Spiky domes have additional proprioception stimulation due to the spiky surface. Space them out and walk from one to another, balance on them or have them under your hands during upper body work.



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