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The Ultimate Travel Pack

This travel pack has been put together to give your back, head and neck support. When travelling it can be hard to stay comfortable, especially if you suffer with a bad back. Different pillows, long journeys and changing seating can be a pain – literally.

Everything in this travel pack will fit easily into carry-on luggage so you don’t have to take big cases with you. The inflatable supports are lightweight and quick to inflate. The wedge self-inflates making it quick to use. It will work on any seat, be that a office chair, stadium seat or dinning room chair.

The travel pillow we have chosen for this pack is contoured to support your neck. It’s a smaller version than the standard Putnams pillows, but still gives the same type of support.

Finally there is a window sleep. This simple inflatable triangle supports you neck. Great for use on long bus or train journeys or even on a flight.



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