Inflatable Supports

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Inflatable Supports

If you travel a lot or don’t have a fixed place where you work from, inflatable supports can be a great solution. They pack flat or at least slimline, so they are light and easy to take around with you.

Some of the support within our range are self-inflating. As soon as you open the valve they inflate so you don’t need to blow then up yourself. The Magic Range Wedge is an example of this.

The window travel pillow is helpful during long car, bus or train journeys. It supports your neck and provides a bit of cushioning if you are trying to sleep on the move – obviously not if you are the driver!

For a bit of cushioning on any seat, the stadium seating cushion will give some padding. And finally there is the inflatable support for the back. This travel back support also inflates when you open it, so it’s really simple to use.

We hope you find what you need for a lightweight way to take your support with you.





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