Car Seat Wedges

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Car seat wedges help to even out the level of a bucket seat (slanting backwards from the front of the seat to the back) in a car. When you sit at a steeper, backwards angle, it places more pressure on your lower back and pelvis, which over time can lead to pain and strain. Back or neck pain when driving can make a journey miserable and a wedge or a back support can make all the difference as they can help your car seat to be more ergonomically friendly for you.

As there are different types of car seat wedges, we also have two really informative articles if you are unsure which would be the best back pain product for you:

How to choose the right sitting wedge for the car

Which car seat support do I need?

Our product description also lets you know how soft or firm each of the wedges are in our range, to help guide you to the most comfortable option.



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