Back Supports For The Car

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Back Supports for The Car

If you are experiencing lower or upper back pain, you may need a back support for your car. Sometimes the standard back support that is fitted in a car seat is too low and it pushes the pelvis forwards, rather than following the contour of the lumbar spine. This can result in pain as it increases tension.

When you are looking for a back support, the important thing to bear in mind is the width of the flat surface you sit against before the bolsters. This could restrict the choice of back support you will have to choose from. We have the measurements listed with each product. The Dorsaback car support is contoured at the back so that is can sit over the top of your car seat and become the new sitting surface. Often, a back support works very well in conjunction with a sitting wedge so if you are unsure we have our car seat support article if you would like more guidance.

Help with choosing which back support car you need (link needed)

Otherwise, safe driving and we’re sure our car back pain products will help any neck or back pain that you have.



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