In The Car

Back pain driving is clearly huge problem because unfortunately so many of you have to contact us for this very problem.  Cars are designed for safety and often for the capabilities of the car not the reality of how they are driven.  This all to often results in back and neck pain and even headaches.

There are many solutions available to help make sure that your car seat is more comfortable without you necessarily having to resort to buying a different car.

If you are unsure which solution you need to help you driving/in the car take a look at the articles below which will help to make things clearer for you.

We have an in depth article all about driving, factors to consider and a description of the different types of products available for you.

If you already have some idea of what you need but not sure how to make the final selection then these articles will help:

How to choose the right sitting wedge

Tried and tested car supports and which to choose.

We also have a whole section of our advice hub devoted to helping you to overcome back pain driving so follow this link to help prevent back pain driving.




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