Meridius Spoband resistance training band GreenThere is a new breed of resistance band on the market called the Meridius Spoband.┬á At Sittingwell we love it, here’s why.

Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of training equipment. They give you a versatile, lightweight and portable training tool. There are multiple exercises you can do using a resistance band, and various way to alter the resistance. You can either shorten the band you use or get a different strength band. However, traditional resistance bands do have some irritations:

  • Over time traditional resistance bands stick to themselves and get tangled up.
  • They have a tendency to snap right in the middle of an exercise – Ouch!
  • They are fiddly to secure. You have to keep tying knots to create loops or secure them to a post.
  • Slow to change exercise due to untying a tight knot or changing where the loop is to increase resistance.

If you have been frustrated with any of the issues listed above, then the Meridius Spoband is perfect for you.

Benefits of the Meridius Spoband

  • Meridius Spoband Quick To UseMade from a woven elastic the Meridius Spoband is very durable and won’t snap mid exercise
  • 9 Loops along each band make it quick and easy to alter the resistance.
  • Each loop is numbered so that you can log the resistance level you are using for each exercise.
  • The loops make it simple to attach to yourself or a bar.
  • No need to make knots to change between exercises.
  • 6 Different levels of band provide you a wide choice of resistances to work through.
  • To get you started right away Spobands come with an exercise chart.
  • Machine washable making the Meridius Spoband more hygienic.

Spoband Resistance band for stretch strangthen rehabilitation yoga pilatesThe 6 different bands in the range take you from resistances equivalent to 1.7kg – 10kg. The levels 1-3 are great to use as part of your stretching regime, for rehabilitation exercise and aerobic workouts. You can use these bands in Yoga and Pilates and are suitable for children. Levels 4-6 can also be used to help with stretching or rehabilitation when you are more advanced. The tougher resistance of levels 4-6 make these more suitable for harder training, balance and general exercise work. These are suitable for adults and athletes.

Follow this link to see the full range of Meridius Spobands.

Full Range Of Meridius Spoband