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When Do You Use Seat Wedges?

Confused By Which Seat Wedge To Buy?

Do You Know Which Wedge Would Be Best For You?

We know that it can all seem a bit confusing as to which material to buy or angle of wedge to get. We aim to give you a better idea with this short guide.

Seat wedges are shaped foam cushions which are for use on office chairs, dining chairs or chairs with a firmer base, and car seats. This means you can get back pain relief by sitting more comfortably and in a better position without going to the expense of buying a new chair. We would not recommend the use of seat wedges on soft seating or sofas; if you are looking for something to improve support on this type of seating then we would recommend back supports such as the Sissel Dorsaback.

Your seat should ideally have a slight downwards slope, however you may have a chair that is not adjustable or even slopes backwards! If this is the case it could be encouraging you to slouch and round through the back or slip forwards which is just the opposite of back pain relief. It will cause you to sit more towards the back of your pelvis. Sitting this way is bad posture and puts strain on the back as a whole and can affect any area of your back, neck to pelvis.

Wedges help to open the angle between your torso and upper leg and create a better sitting surface Although wedges provide a better environment for you to sit on there is an important point we need to stress at this point – You still need to sit up on them! Wedges do not miraculously make you sit with perfect posture they merely give you a nudge in the right direction. The slope encourages your pelvis to tilt forwards slightly which enhances the inwards curve of your lower back (lordosis). This in turn helps you to sit more upright with your body weight falling more naturally through your sitting bones and reduces strain on the joints, discs and ligaments of the whole of the spine all the way up to your head! If you would like to learn more about why posture is so important please refer to our article “What Is So Important About Posture Anyway?’.

Dimensions for each seat wedge are W (width side to side), D (depth from front to back) and H (maximum thickness at the back of the wedge or the thickness of flat cushions).

Seat wedges come in varying degrees of height. The larger the angle the more you will be ‘actively sitting’ which means that you will be using more of your back muscles and can thus help to strengthen your spine as you sit. A stronger back will over time help back pain.

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