It is interesting that it is still instilled within society to sit at a 90-degree angle as advocated in the Victorian era. It may be pleasing to look at but is actually detrimental to the health of your spine. What is more frustrating is that so many seats/chairs/sofas are still designed in this way despite the fact that it is harmful to the spine.

Ergonomic research carried out as far back as 1962 by Hanns Schoberth a German orthopedic surgeon demonstrated that in a seated work position you can only bend 60-degrees at the hip joint the rest of the movement comes from rounded through the lower back which goes against your natural curve and putting excess pressure on the lower two vertebrae in the lower back (L4 and L5) which is an area that is consistently the source of pain in people in lower back pain as seen my hands on therapists and Doctors.

If you are sitting in a position that works with and not against your spine good posture and minimal load and strain on the bones and soft tissues of your spine happens naturally.

Research by Mandal in the 1970’s found that sitting with a forward slope (15 degrees being preferable) to the seat proved to be the best for easily encouraging a lumbar lordosis which is the inwards curve of the lower back which is the best position for the lower back mechanically. Think of how naturally horse riders sit, or have you ever tilted a chair forwards for ease? You often see children doing this on chairs they are subconsciously correcting the ergonomic mistakes of us silly adults!!

Although the early models if the kneeling chair were really used many centuries before by Tibetan Monks who use seiza benches for long periods of meditation. Could you imagine sitting on something like this as a Westerner??

Thankfully after others tried to no real success Hans Chrisitan Mengshoel came up with a preferable alternative in the form of the kneeling chair. These are the pictures for his first patent application.

This is the original design of the kneeling chair, which as you can see has evolved over the years with there now existing several brands with different designs to suit your individual needs.

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