As the Sittingwell® back support cushion is the first of its kind we have had a number of questions about how, when and where it can be used. We have compiled a list of these questions along with the answers to help you. If you are still left with a question please get in touch and we will gladly help to answer you

sittingwell back support cushion

1 – Do I sit on it or against it?

The Sittingwell® cushion is a lumbar back support, so place it against the back of your chair and sit against it. You may need to move it up slightly so that you feel it is fully supporting the correct part of your lower back.

It can also be pulled away slightly at the base to create a slight backwards slope. You may find a slight slope more relaxing to sit against depending on what the chair you are using it on is like.

2 – Where can I use the Sittingwell® back support cushion?

You can use it in any chair that is too deep for you to sit on currently. This is what it has been designed for. All you need is a solid back and the back which must also meet the sitting area.  There shouldn’t be a gap at the bottom. You can use it on sofa’s, chairs, outdoor furniture and even to sit up and support your lower back in bed.

3 – Can I use it in my car?

No. Car seats don’t have the same depth that other seats do. This means you will feel you are being pushed too far forward.  It could even be unsafe in the seat so we do not recommend using this cushion in cars.

4 – My chair feels completely fine but I am actively interested in back care and preventing problems. Is it OK to still use the Sittingwell® back support cushion?

During our research we found that people who had chairs and sofa’s that were the correct dimensions for them felt that the Sittingwell® cushion pushed them too far forwards on their seat. If your seat already feels comfortable there really is no benefit to investing in a Sittingwell cushion, it may even cause your sofa/chair to become uncomfortable.

5 – My sofa is a bit soft and saggy can the Sittingwell® back support cushion still help?

This will really depend on where your sofa is too soft. If it is the base, then this may be part of the problem that is contributing to your getting back pain when sitting on the sofa. If  you need something to provide more support for the sitting surface you are on then a product like the Sissel Dorsaback may be just what you need.

When you sit your hips should at least be level with your knees to avoid undue pressure on your spine. If this is not the case and your sofa is far too low then you may need to invest in a new sofa.

If you just need to replace the foam that is already there, as it has become worn, then a foam manufacturer in your area may be able to do this cost effectively for you.  We can recommend the foam manufacturers who make the foam for the Sittingwell® cushion they are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. They even have an example sofa at their factory with different densities of foam so that you can sit on them and experience which one is most comfortable for you. Their website may look like they only do promotional material this is because they only advertise locally regarding the foam for sofas not online. If you are outside of this area it is worth looking in the local printed press as manufacturers often tailor their advertising at a local level and not globally on the Internet.

If it is the back of the sofa that is too soft and saggy, then yes the Sittingwell® Cushion will help to provide a supportive shape for you to sit against and reduce the amount the sofa is causing you to slump

Sittingwell back support cushion6 – Does it come with a cover?

The Sittingwell® cushion has a cotton cover to hold everything together but it is designed to be placed into a 45 centimeter square cushion cover of your choosing to fit in with your home decor.

7 – Can it be washed?

We do not recommend washing the Sittingwell® back support cushion. As it is designed to be place within a sofa cushion it should be protected so that this won’t be necessary.

Sittingwell lumbar support cushion for back pain8 – Where is it made?

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to find manufacturers in the UK and local to us. Both the specifically contoured foam inner and the cushion that surrounds it are made locally in High Wycombe. We wanted this to be as local as possible and eco-friendly as we could. To that end your Sittingwell cushion won’t arrive in a box or thick plastic bag, but a reusable and very durable canvas bag, which we hope you find useful too.

If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to get in touch we’ll be glad to help.