How to choose a kneeling chairThere are many benefits to a kneeling chair, but with all the options out there it can make it hard to choose the right Kneeling chair for your needs. This blog will summarise the key differences and hopefully make things a bit clearer for you.

There are 4 main differences to choose between when buying a Kneeling chair:

1 – Do you need to move around on the chair easily, or prefer it to have a rocking action?

2 – Do you want a back rest or are you fine without?

3 – Is it adjustable, and what parts can be adjusted?

4 – Seat pad options – with or without Coccyx Relief cut-out – If you have coccxy (tail bone) pain you’ll appreciate the importance of this!

Lets look at each of these in a bit more detail:

1 – Stop, Rock or Roll?

Kneeling chairs are made in 2 basic styles, either on coasters or on a rocker.

A kneeling chair on a rocker (think of a classic rocking chair), will give you some movement as you work, rocking forward as you lean forward and rocking back as you do so. Some people like the feel of this movement, you may already have an office chair which gives a similar feel. The disadvantage of this is that whilst they do glide around a bit on most surfaces, you very much need to push yourself along, so if you move around a bit on a chair this may not suit you so much.

Rocker kneeling chair for better posture                              Kneeling chairs for posture

A kneeling chair on coasters is more static whilst you work, so you don’t get that rocking action, however it does move across the floor more easily, like a normal wheeling office chair. So… do you need to roll or would you prefer to stop and rock?

2 – Back rest or not?

Better posture with a kneeling chair

The principle behind a Kneeling chair is that by bringing your knees lower that you hips, you pelvis is then tilted naturally into a better alignment for the spine to stack on top of. This makes it a lot easier to maintain good posture whilst you work and uses less muscle effort to prevent you from slumping on the seat. As such there is not really a need for a back rest, hence most kneeling chairs don’t have one. The position it helps you get in means you wouldn’t be sitting against the back rest anyway.

Kneeling chair with back rest

If you do feel that you want the option to lean back on occasion, then there are a small selection of kneeling chairs out that that have that option. At Sittingwell® Ltd we would advise you take regular break from sitting on any chair to help keep you back moving and give your postural muscles a rest, so we suggest if you do feel you need to lean back or stretch, stand up instead. You can still make a call or read a document when you standing, and it will do your back a favour.

3 – One size doesn’t always fit all:

Not all Kneeling chairs give you the option to adjust the seat in any way. In the main, the rocker style will be a fixed frame. If this is the style you want, it may be wise to find somewhere that you can try a few to be sure it feels comfortable and suits your body dimensions.

Adjustable posture chair                     Kneeling chairs for posture

If you want to be sure you can match the kneeling chair to your height, or if it will be used by more than one person, then go for an adjustable one. They do vary as to how much they can be adjusted. Some only allow you to move the part you sit on, others have adjustments for both the sitting and kneeling/shin pad.

4 – Do you suffer with Coccyx Pain?

Coccyx relief kneeling chairIf you do (and you’ll know if you do!), then you already appreciate the importance of finding a seat you can actually sit on comfortably.

Very few kneeling chairs have the option of a Coccxy relief cut out section. Even though your pelvis is tilted forward on a Kneeling chair, you will still get pressure on the coccyx. Don’t worry, if you like the idea of a kneeling chair there are ones that give you the option of a coccxy cut-out.

So what’s the best Kneeling chair in our opinion?

Well it is just our opinion and you need to find what suits your needs and preferences. I hope this blogs has helped narrow the options a little for you, but if you want our adivce, go for the Putnam’s Kneeling chair, and here’s why:

Why we like the Putnam’s Kneeling chairPutnams Kneeling chair for posture and back pain

  • This is the UK’s most popular kneeling chair
  • It’s wooden frame makes it sturdy and durable
  • It easily fits under the desk to save space when you are not working. It quickly collapses down so some even stand it upright in a corner out of the way.
  • The has multi-directional coasters means it move around easily
  • Both the seat and kneeling pad are adjustable. We have customers using it who range between 5’2″ – 6’5″ tall.
  • The Seat has the option of Standard or Memory foam
  • There is a option for a Coccxy relief cu-out in both types of foam.
  • I use one myself 🙂

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