Fascial Taping – What it is and how it helps you.

Fascial taping is becoming huge in elite sport. If you ever watch the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or a Rugby match you are sure to notice to brightly colour tape some of the athletes have on their legs or arms, and possibly their neck and back too! However, fascial taping isn’t just for the elite, the benefits for you are just as important. That’s why Rachael and I were keen to get on a course to learn all about it. After a lot of clashing dates we finally attended the RockTape Fascial Taping weekend course and want to share it’s...

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How To Make Ghoulish Back Pain A Thing Of The Past….

…..Don’t Let Your Back Get All Creepy. Back pain is awful it can range from the odd twinge to totally debilitating. Often this can take you completely unawares with no explanation to what caused such pain in the first place. From a structural point of view this can be attributed to something called ‘creep’. This word describes the sliding movement of one vertebrae on top of another. It happens when you go against your bodies natural curves. For example in the lower back this is when you sit in a slumped posture and the normal inwards curve (lordosis) of...

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How do I use a foam roller?

Not sure how to use a foam roller? This guide takes you through the key principles for using a foam roller safely and effectively. We also give you ideas on different ways to use a foam roller within your exercise routine – it’s not just about self massage!

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How to choose the best wedge for your needs

Seat Wedges When Do You Use Seat Wedges? Confused By Which Seat Wedge To Buy? Do You Know Which Wedge Would Be Best For You? We know that it can all seem a bit confusing as to which material to buy or angle of wedge to get. We aim to give you a better idea with this short guide. Seat wedges are shaped foam cushions which are for use on office chairs, dining chairs or chairs with a firmer base, and car seats. This means you can get back pain relief by sitting more comfortably and in a better...

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What’s so important about posture anyway?

Posture    There is so much said about how we should all be sitting better. Unfortunately when you were growing up you may not have had much education about how and why you should be sitting in a particular way, other than “sit up straight!” As a result over time we adopt new patterns and ways of sitting, and because we do this so often these new patterns feel normal and then sitting correctly can feel uncomfortable or even painful because you are not used to it and neither are your postural muscles. But do you know what is going...

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