Is Organic Food Worth the Money?

You may be wondering what organic food has to do with back pain. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ holds a lot of truth. Pain is the result of inflammation in the body and chemicals and any unnecessary burden on your body can contribute. So we asked Joanne Hart Nutritional Therapist to give her expert opinion. Grab a glass of water sit back and enjoy… Is Organic Food Worth the Money? Only you can put a price on your future health and current health so let me educate you on the reasons you might like to move towards...

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Super sitting in three ways on one chair

We all know we sit too much. Modern living involves sitting whether at your work desk, in the car, or watching TV at home. Sitting has been described as the “new smoking”.               Do the above pictures look familiar? Often we end up slouching as we slide down the seat of the chair. Even if we sit correctly in the chair, then we have a tendency to slump particularly if working on a laptop. Even sophisticated, supposedly ergonomic office chairs create this effect despite many knobs, levers and other adjustment mechanisms. Having had...

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Do You Get Lower Back Pain?

If so there is a commonly used exercise you must avoid If you’ve found this blog, no doubt you are proactive and I’m sure have spent time looking for stretches and exercises to help relieve your lower back pain. There are a wide range of exercises that are well known to help lower back pain, however some are better than others. In the same way that doctors used to recommend bed rest for back pain, something that had since been found to be detrimental, there are equally some exercises we used to think helped relieve the pain but may...

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Does Dehydration Cause Back Pain?

Health experts often recommend a minimum of 2 litres of water a day. Only you know if you drink anywhere near this amount of water. If you don’t, have you ever considered what the consequences are and whether dehydration will cause back pain? Back pain is often considered, and certainly felt, as a physical and mechanical problem.  So it may seem odd to consider your water intake as an important factor in helping to ease your back pain. In this blog we will discuss the many roles water has within the body. What happens when we do not drink...

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Inflammatory Foods That Can Cause Pain

Pain, inflammation and acidity go hand in hand as they all co-exist with each other. If there is too much acidity in your body you will not be able to escape pain whether it is a niggle, absolute agony, localised or widespread dependent on how much there is.  Let food be thy medicine and reduce or avoid some of these inflammatory foods that we outline in this article. There are many aspects to your life that can contribute to acidity as stress.  These include chemicals in our environments and those we apply to our skin in addition to allergens...

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