Kneeling chairs for postureKneeling chairs share many common features all designed to benefit you as the user. So what are the benefits of a kneeling chair and why are they something you should consider?

1. Seated Posture

Ergonomic chairs are designed to help you to sit in the best possible position to decrease strain on your spine and reduce the incidence of pain and injury. This is one of the benefits of a kneeling chair as the seat section slopes downwards slightly. This opens out the angle of your pelvis and helps your spine to stack upwards more naturally with seemingly less effort from you. As you are sitting upright you will also be using your core muscles more which will help you to strengthen whilst you are sitting. This is know as ‘active sitting’ by sitting in this way you will then find that you sit better naturally no matter what chair you are on.


Kneeling chairs for space saving2. Space Saving

Kneeling chairs can be quick and easily folded up so you can just put them away at the end of the day whether that be under your desk or up against a wall. This makes kneeling chairs perfect for those of you who work from home or limited on space on where you work and just want to tuck everything away once you have finished. As there is no high back to them you can push them under a desk easily even if you leave them at full height.


Kneeling chairs with coccxy pain relief cut out3. Coccyx Cut Out Options

As well as having the option of memory foam or foam on the seat these kneeling chairs have the option for the coccyx area to be recessed. This is invaluable if you suffer with pain in the area and for many people one of the only ways they will be able to sit down with any degree of comfort.


4. Easy To Move Around

Our kneeling chairs come with castors which makes them really easy to slide around and place where you need it.

5. Adjustability

There are three levels that you can use to set the kneeling chair to the right height for you no matter how tall you are these chairs have been used with people up to 6ft 4in tall.

We  no longer stock the Putnams Kneeling chair, so follow this link directly to the Putnams kneeling chairs page on their website