The Sittingwell lumbar back supportCushion for back pain at home

A recent article in the Daily Mail stated that 1 in of 5 people suffer from back as a result of sitting on their sofas.

Sitting at home should be comfortable and relaxing. The sofa should be a place to sit down and unwind, but for many it’s not. Perhaps you are reading this whilst sitting on your sofa or armchair, and finding yourself fidgeting to get comfortable.

A lot of focus, time and money gets spent looking at the ergonomics of the workplace, and rightly so. It’s important to your back health and general well-being that your work station is set up the best way for you. Maybe you’ve gone through a workplace assessment and been given a new chair, desk, mouse or keyboard. Yes when it comes to back care at work there are lots of options and it’s in most peoples awareness to ensure they are sitting and working safely. But what happens when you step through your front door?

I appreciate that you want your home to feel relaxing, luxurious, stylish and cosy so a high spec office chair my not be your first choice to put in front of the TV, but what do you end up sitting on and how do you sit?

What you sit on at home has just as much impact on back pain as your work set up. In fact, if your anything like a lot of our patients with back pain, the sofa is the last place you want to sit and it can often aggravate back problems.

The reason is, most sofas are designed with style and squidgy comfort in mind, not support and ergonomics. Yes some sofas and armchairs are great, but if you find yourself gathering up all the spare cushions to be able to prop yourself up into a pain free position to sit and relax at the end of the day, then you know exactly what I mean.

The good news is, there are some great products out there that can help, and they are a lot cheaper than buying a whole new lounge suite!

Our recommended back supports for the home:

The Dorsaback

Dosaback Back Support for HomeThis is a great support for giving an older sofa, or a very soft sofa a new lease of life! It has 2 sections, a part you sit on and one you lean back against, in essence it replaces the sofa you sit on and gives a stable and supportive position instead.

Made from Marine Ply with a padding cover, its give structure back to the seat. The contour of the support ensures your back is protected and maintains the correct curve to reduce and prevent back pain.

Dorsaback Car support for back painThe Dorsaback Car

This is the back part of the Dorsaback mentioned above and although it was designed for the car it can work well at home too. If you feel you just need a little more support behind you then this works perfectly. It has a strap to hold it in which is more suited to a dinning room chair. The shape of the support again helps maintain the correct curve on the lower back, reducing the strain there and the chances of you slouching, a key contributor to back pain

We really do rate these supports otherwise we wouldn’t have them on the site, but for some the idea of having a back support on show at home isn’t ideal. Well I’m proud to say we now have a solution that gives you the support you need without anyone knowing it’s there:

The Sittingwell® Cushion

Back support cushion for sofa's. This image show the cushion on a chair in a beautiful setting wth a plant behind and a union jack cushion cover draped over the Sittingwell cushion highlighting that it is made in the UK.The Sittingwell® Cushion is an extraordinary ordinary cushion, and it’s the first of our very own product range so I may be a little biased here! It’s taken a few years to get right but it’s be designed with both your back and your home in mind.

My all appearances it looks like a normal scatter cushion, but it has a specifically designed contoured support integrated inside. When you sit against it you will feel it support your lower back where you need it the most, not just sink away into the rest of the sofa.

It fits inside a 45cm square cushion cover, you may even have one that size on your sofa right now. Either way, just put it inside the cover of your choice, that way it will blend in with the rest of the furniture so no-one need know you are using a back support.

It woks just as well on a sofa, armchair, deep dinning room chair or even in bed to prop yourself up against to read. The prefect solution to a chair that’s too deep or too soft and keeps your home looking like a home.

So sit comfortably again at home, take a look at our full range of back support for the home at

Sittingwell Back Supports for the home