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Posture – It’s Not Just About Back Pain

At Sittingwell we are interested in whole body health. Yes a lot of this site is focused around back pain but actually a good posture helps your whole body function better. I’m sure you’re aware of using correct ergonomics when you sit. You may have even had a desk assessment at work and it’s likely the emphasis was on reducing back pain.  However with a better posture while you are working (and through the rest of your day), you are getting many more benefits. Maintaining Great Communication: The nerves that communicate with your muscles and organs below your head...

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Lower Back Pain Exercise

Core strength and back stability tends to be focused on the deep abdominal muscles with lower back pain exercises to improve the endurance and strength of these deep stabilising muscles. Such exercises are imperative to help prevent back pain and as rehabilitation from any back injury. However, there is another important lower back pain exercise that is not often talked about. The muscle in question is Glute Med which helps to improve stability for the lower back (I think it sounds like the name of a Roman soldier!). It’s a buttock muscle so what does that have to do...

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Practical Steps Towards Eating Organic Foods

Following on from the first part of this article ‘Is organic food worth the money?’ We fully understand that it may be that you can’t afford to eat a fully organic diet, or maybe you would like some practical steps that will help you to eat more healthily on a regular basis without having to sit down and plan every single meal each week.  Here are some practical steps to help you on your way with thanks from Joanne Hart Nutritional therapist. Grow your own vegetables, you have fun and you can avoid using unwanted chemicals. You also learn...

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Is Organic Food Worth the Money?

You may be wondering what organic food has to do with back pain. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ holds a lot of truth. Pain is the result of inflammation in the body and chemicals and any unnecessary burden on your body can contribute. So we asked Joanne Hart Nutritional Therapist to give her expert opinion. Grab a glass of water sit back and enjoy… Is Organic Food Worth the Money? Only you can put a price on your future health and current health so let me educate you on the reasons you might like to move towards...

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Super sitting in three ways on one chair

We all know we sit too much. Modern living involves sitting whether at your work desk, in the car, or watching TV at home. Sitting has been described as the “new smoking”.               Do the above pictures look familiar? Often we end up slouching as we slide down the seat of the chair. Even if we sit correctly in the chair, then we have a tendency to slump particularly if working on a laptop. Even sophisticated, supposedly ergonomic office chairs create this effect despite many knobs, levers and other adjustment mechanisms. Having had...

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