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How To Use The NeckSaviour Neck Traction Device Safely and Effectively

This short video shows you how to use the Necksaviour neck traction device safely. There is more information below too, so please read this thoroughly. Using the NeckSaviour is simple and easy to do, but there are a couple of things to consider to ensure you use the NeckSaviour safely and effectively. We would recommend trying the 4 different set up options to see which suits you the best. Once you have the neck of using the neck stretcher you will love it’s simplicity and portability, especially if you suffer neck neck tension and headaches. General Instructions On How To Use  The NeckSaviour The NeckSaviour isn’t completely square, one side is slightly longer than the other giving a set up choice for a long and a short neck Stretch. Try both and see which fits best. There are also 2 neck stretch intensities. Using the NeckSaviour black side facing up as shown in the image, gives a strong stretch. Having the white side up gives a lighter stretch. To active the NeckSaviour, simply fold it over into a U-shape. That can be done using your hands, trunk or a leg but you need to hold it like that as you place it under your neck. You can place one edge towards the front of your shoulders and fold the NeckSaviour into a U-shape as you lye back, positioning the...

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Shipping Products Abroad

A Possible Solution For Those Of You Who Live In Southern Ireland We are asked by potential customers if our service includes shipping products abroad. Unfortunately as a micro business this has not been something that we have been able to do. Then more recently an informed shopper told us about Parcel Motel this looks to be a fantastic service. So What Is It? Parcel Motel offers you a virtual address so that your parcel can be sent to a UK address in Northern Ireland it is then forwarded onto your chosen collection point. You can also return via...

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Health Staff Discounts – For NHS Staff

We have just come across this website which looks like a must for anyone who works within the NHS.  There are a huge amount of savings for pretty much every type of business you can think of.  These discounts are available online and in store so before you head off shopping it would be well worth checking visiting www.HealthStaffDiscounts to make sure that a great saving could be there especially for you as a thank you for all your hard work within our healthcare...

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Simple Ways to Ease Back Pain

When you’re suffering with lower back pain or even low level backache, knowing what to do for the best to help ease the back pain can be confusing. There’s so much advice out there, some of it conflicting, when it comes to the right stretches. Some common suggestions, whilst giving a short term relief, can actually aggravate your back pain in the long term. We talked through this in a previous blog  – “Do you get back pain?“. This gives some clarity on stretching advice. To follow this we thought it would be useful to share 3 very simple...

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Posture – It’s Not Just About Back Pain

At Sittingwell we are interested in whole body health. Yes a lot of this site is focused around back pain but actually a good posture helps your whole body function better. I’m sure you’re aware of using correct ergonomics when you sit. You may have even had a desk assessment at work and it’s likely the emphasis was on reducing back pain.  However with a better posture while you are working (and through the rest of your day), you are getting many more benefits. Maintaining Great Communication: The nerves that communicate with your muscles and organs below your head...

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