Our Top Recommendations For When You Are Travelling

So what’s next if you have made and checked all of the elements of our last report on “How To Prevent Back Pain Travelling”?  Help is at hand.  There are quite a few options available.

We have selected our top 3 back supports from the Sittingwell website and will highlight each of their merits in turn for you:

Travel Neck Pillow

royal rest travel pillow

No longer do you need to play Russian Roulette as to whether the pillow in your hotel room, villa or even friend/family members house is going to cause you head, neck or back pain.

This memory foam pillow gives you the best of both worlds.  It is contoured to give you the best support to your neck and spine whilst you sleep and yet it is small enough to fit in your bag/cabin luggage.

It comes with a soft cotton pillow cover.

Dimensions: W 41.5 cm x D 33 cm x Height – Low side 9.5 cm High side 11.5 cm

Price £56.99 incl VAT

Click this link to buy your Royal Rest Travel Neck Pillow on the Sittingwell site.

 Inflatable Sitting Wedge

inflatable wedge

This is an amazing sitting wedge product.  You may have already read our article about sitting wedges and how to choose the right one.

This wedge allows you to decide for yourself.  All you need to do is open the valve to let air in or out to get the wedge to the right angle for where you are sitting.  So adaptable and it means you can sit in a better way in all different types of chair.  It will also give you a boost if the chair is too low or the table too high.

Dimensions: L34cm x W33cm x max D9.5cm (13 1/2″ x 15 1/4″  x max 4″)

Price £26.46 incl VAT

Click this link to buy your Inflatable Sitting Wedge from the Sittingwell website.

Inflatable Window Sleep

So we’ve all fallen asleep whilst travelling – intentionally or not. Isn’t it so uncomfortable when you wake up with a stiff neck and your head lolling around uncontrollably.  Usually you wake as your head nods forwards!

This ingeniously little back product avoids these problems – as long as you have a window seat 🙂

It has suction cups that stick to the window you just need to inflate it.  When you have finished with it, it folds down to virtually nothing.

Dimensions: H28cm x W24cm (11″ x 91/2″)

Price £8.55 incl VAT

Click this link to buy your Window Sleep today on the Sittingwell website.

If you would like to see further options of back products for travelling then visit the Sittingwell for travelling section to view the range of available options.

We are here to help make sure you buy the best product for you. If you have any further enquiries contact us:

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