Do you shift around in your seat trying to get relief from back pain driving?

Driving is becoming a big culprit to the growth of back pain in our lives. We are spending more and more time in the car as a result more people are getting back pain driving. Longer commutes to work, driving as part of your job or visiting friends and family across the country.


Hours in the car can result in neck, back, hip pain, headaches and more.

When looking for a new car our focus is often on the model we want it’s shape, economy, performance or space. Rarely do we spend any length of time checking how ergonomic and adaptable the seats are and if they suit us.

I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a new car!! Although if you are in the market for one, ask for a long test drive, maybe a weekend loan so you can get a real feel for its comfort.  At the very least really spend time sitting in the car seat and fiddling with the controls to make sure that the car seat isn’t causing you any back pain.

If you are one of the thousands of people suffering with back pain after a long journey then this report is for you. We talk you through the 5 key things you can do to reduce the extent a long journey cause you pain.

These are simple steps, easy to check and can have a big effect for a comfortable journey.  Ensuring you can get out of the car at the end and carry on with your day.

This short video takes you through some of the key areas that you need to check and possibly adjust to make sure that you are not putting any unnecessary pressure on your spine.


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5 tips to prevent back pain driving

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