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It is a new evolution to ergonomics in the home, a back support that is effective and looks beautiful.

This unique scatter cushion combines back support with any style of dÚcor you choose.

So often, orthopaedic supports are ugly and clinical. The Sittingwell« cushion changes all that. It provides the perfect solution to ergonomics in the home but blends beautifully with your decorative style.

Disguised as just another sofa cushion, it will ease back pain by supporting you as you sit with its unique combination of firm support and squidgy comfort.

Relax well with the Sittingwell« cushion....

"The Sittingwell cushion has surpassed my expectations a fantastically well made high quality super supportive cushion that has made me fall in love again with my old leather sofa. Thank you" N Octhman

"The back support cushion is fantastic. I bought 2 for my husband he has one on his office chair and one in the sitting room. He says they really help his back. I have bought myself one which I use on the sofa it is so supportive I don't suffer with back problems but still like to use it. I bought my Mum one for Christmas and she is so pleased with it. Very good quality extremely supportive and looks like any other cushion when on the furniture. Would highly recommend." T Taylor

"I've been using the back support since the Autumn on my lovely but not very back and neck friendly sofa. It really helps my posture and helps to stop back and neck pain. Because it s so important for my back it's also the only cushion on my sofa that the children don't throw on the floor A Whistler

Watch the short video below to see the Sittingwell« back support cushion and how it can help you:

If this video has whetted your appetite to find out more about this extraordinary ordinary back support cushion follow this link for the:Sittingwell Cushion

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